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Parking in car park

Cameras & Parking Aids

Parking in bad visibiity
Parking in car park

Cameras & Parking Aids

Parking in bad visibiity
Parking in car park

Cameras & Parking Aids

Get parking sensors fitted with us.
We also install Reversing cameras and dash cams.

Parking in bad visibiity

Parking is a nightmare, get parking sensors fitted because tight parking spaces in car parks plus trying to park in bad visibility could be expensive. 

And take a look at our range of Thinkware dash cams, smart and functional

Dash Cameras

Thinkware Dash cam F770

Thinkware F770

SUPER NIGHT VISION / Time Lapse Road Safety Warning System / Safety Camera Alert 1080p Full HD & Full HD 2CH / 30fps / Advanced Video Clear Technology / Built-in Wi-Fi / Built-in GPS / DUAL SAVE® (Internal BackuUp Memory)

Thinkware Q800 Pro

The Vivid Envision

1440p Quad HD - Full HD 2CH | Super Night Vision 2.0 | THINKWARE CLOUD 2.0 Beta | Energy Saving Mode | Time Lapse | Safety Camera Alert | Road Safety Warning System (LDWS, FCWS, uFCWS, FVDW) 140° Wide Angle (Front & Rear) | Advanced Video Clear Technology | Built-in Wi-Fi | Built-in GPS | Format Free 2.0 | Mobile APP (Android/iOS) | Windows/Mac Viewer

Thinkware Dash Cam

Take no chances

We can install in your vehicle for a neat look.
We carry out installations both in our fitting centre and mobile


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Telephone: 01376 350123 / 07860 108944

Reversing Cameras

Reversing cameras are an even better way of parking

BMW reversing cam display
Installation can be carried out at our fitting centre or mobile. The cameras are very small and discreet, check out the images and see if you can spot them!

Front and rear parking sensors

Get parking sensors fitted
We fit both front and rear sensors, so if your car does not have them it's an inexpensive upgrade

Parking sensor

This is a parking sensor

On it's own it's not very impressive, but when fitted to your vehicle as a set of four, front and/or back it becomes unbelievable!

A few examples of some colour coded parking sensors, click on an image for a closer look

Many vehicles can use the existing dash displays giving a true factory fitted finish

Our current deals

4 Sensor rear audible flush mounted sensors

Only £180 inc vat fitted at our fitting centre or your location

Colour coded to your car £230 inc vat

4 Sensor front audible flush mounted sensors

£295 inc vat fitted

Colour coded £350 inc vat

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