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Towing a caravan


Towbars from the major manufactuers

There are many towbar manufactuers, how do you choose which one?

With towbar fitting in Essex by us, unless you have a preference, you don't have to. With our many years of experience we know which manufactuers bar will look best on your vehicle, and suit your needs, so that's one decision you don't have to make.

Some companies are cheaper than us, they can do that by fitting cheaper components, cutting corners on the fitting, and providing little customer support.
We provide Quality, Peace of mind and great customer support.
We have been towbar fitting in Essex for over 30 years and our many customers can recommend our service.
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The different types of towbar

If you are still not sure about which suits you best, contact us for help

Swan neck type towbar

Swan Neck

Swan Neck towbars are of neat appearance with a narrow profile.
AL-KO type stabilisers can be used without the special AL-KO or long reach ball.
They can be used with ball mounted cycle carriers.

Flange type towbar

Flange Type

Flange type is popular in the UK The 50mm towball is bolted to the towbar, allowing for Bumper Shields, Stabilser brackets, cycle carriers etc to be fitted behind the ball.

Removable towbar


Demountable, or detachable towbars are great if you want the towbar to be removed when not in use. Once the neck is removed in most cases there is no visible sign of a towbar being fitted.

Single socket electrics

Single Socket 7 pin

If you are towing a small trailer, Car trailer, Motorcycle trailer, Boat trailer etc or have a bike rack attached then you only need single socket electrics.

Double socket electrics

Double Socket 7 pin

If you are towing a caravan, then you need Double socket electrics.
The second socket provides power to the caravan lighting circuits and keeps the fridge working while you are towing.
Plus it also charges the onboard battery in the caravan.
Finally if your caravan is fitted with reversing lights, then this socket provides that circuit.

13 pin socket

13 pin

This is the standard 13 pin system now adopted in the UK. It combines both sockets together and provides a splash proof and solid connection and is compatible with towing equipment purchased abroad.

Specific vehicle towing electrics

Car electrics are now very complex

On most new vehicles the electronics now control bulb failure systems to advise of a light not working, adjustable suspension systems which detect the added weight of a trailer, the braking system also senses the trailer, reversing sensors are turned off when towing, stability control systems and traction control are adjusted to the load.

They may also provide automatic fog cut out.

Because of this towbar fitters are trained to understand the complex systems used, and when fitting the electric components must ensure the vehicle electronics are not compromised.

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What are vehicle specific electrics?

What are vehicle specific electrics, and do you need them?

We advise the fitting of specific electric kits as they connect into the vehicles wiring harness as the vehicle manufacturers intended and they include all the required relays etc, so they are the same as main dealers use when fitting a towbar.

They also connect the towing electrics to onboard safety and convenience systems, such as stability,  braking, and sometimes cooling systems.

Importantly they do NOT invalidate any manufactuers warranties, and will ensure the onboard systems work correctly.

Some vehicles also need a software update which we can carry out on most vehicles. Please check with us to confirm we can do your vehicle.