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Tracking Systems

Vehicle Security

Vehicle Security
Car Thief

Vehicle Security

Vehicle Security
Car Thief

Vehicle Security

Tracking systems installed as well as a range of security solutions to protect your vehicles and contents from theft

Vehicle Security
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The ultimate defence against thieves

The security of vehicles has long been a big problem, and even now the major manufacturers have not been able to stop the increase with factory fitted systems.
We can provide additional alarms and immobilisers which are a belt and braces effect.

Having Tracking systems installed is now required by more and more insurance companies and having one fitted gives great peace of mind knowing if the worst happens your vehicle can be recovered. We have partnered with SmarTrack GPS Vehicle Tracking to provide state of the art systems complying with insurance company requirements.

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Going further to protect your vehicle

It’s not just vehicles being stolen that is the problem, but also thefts from inside, many commercial vans are having stock and equipment stolen from within.

We are partnered with Locks4Vans to provide high security locks that have been proven to withstand severe brute force.

Contact us for a quote for your vehicle, don’t wait until you have lost tools and equipment which will be costly to replace.

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Cobra Alarm Systems

Alarms and immobilisers are still a great addon to your vehicle, adding that extra bit of protection for your valuable inside.

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Cobra alarms are Thactham and insurance company approved.
Features include: Battery back-up
Ultrasonic Protection
Perimetric Protection
Pager/Siren outputs

Contact us for more information for your vehicle.

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Vehicle safety & security

Vodafone Automotive UK offers a full range of tracking devices adapted to your needs. We provide geolocation, tracking and recovery services for stolen vehicles in the UK and worldwide, via our integrated network of remote monitoring platforms and in partnership with local police. In addition, Vodafone Automotive UK offers a full range of products to protect you and your vehicle such as Parking Aids, Speed Limiters, Cruise Control and Alarms.