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What are Vehicle Tracking Systems?

Vehicle Tracking Systems

Tracking Systems

GPS Vehicle Tracking systems have been with us for a while now, and they certainly do a great job of locating stolen vehicles and returning them to their grateful owners.
But, do you really need one? Maybe your car is fairly new, nothing fancy or sporty, just a nice car to go shopping in, go to work, go out to visit friends, go to a theme park or even go on holiday. All the things most people use their cars for.

Anyway, if it gets stolen your insurance company will cover your loss, that’s what they are there for after all.

But let’s look at the bigger picture, say you have just traveled up to London for the day, found a car park that may be a bit pricey but you are going shopping who wants to drag all those bags home on public transport, this is better.
A day’s shopping done, a nice meal as well, now time to head home, back to the car park, now let me see which floor did I park on? Hey! My car has gone!.

Now we are playing a different game, okay call the police and report it stolen, then what, oh yes phone the insurance company and make your sad way home on public transport.
What about work tomorrow? Have to get a taxi, what about all those personal items in the car, will you ever see them again?
The insurance company says you are covered and will pay out the current value of your car, but that’s way less than you paid for it only a short time ago?  The nightmare continues….

Ok, same scenario but this time your car has one of those GPS tracking systems fitted, the police now stand a very good chance of locating where your car has been taken, they track it down and recover it back to you. Some of those personal items may have gone, but you have an important and valuable item in your life back.

Depending where you look the percentage of stolen cars fitted with tracking systems and recovered varies, but the numbers are high.

You may say expensive vehicles like Rolls Royces and Bentleys will have trackers because of their high value, but as I have already covered it’s not just the value of the car that matters, it is the inconvenience and loss of other things as well.

And amazingly trackers are not expensive to install and yearly subscriptions have come down in price as well.

Starmo Auto Electrics can supply and fit Smartrak Car Tracking Solutions for cars, vans, commercial vehicles and plant, and right now we have some fantastic prices! contact us today.

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